Army Corps of Engineers, Oil & Gas Industries, American Association of Port Authorities, United States Navy, TVA, Shipyards & Dry-dock industries, Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS), various private sector industries located adjacent to federal waterways and ports, various beach and coastal communities.

Service Area

Inland's primary geographical area served consists of an area along the Gulf Coast from East Texas throughout the Florida panhandle and north to Hickman, KY. However, the Company has performed projects on the Ohio River and the Great Lakes.

Gulf Coast: Coastal and Intercoastal Waterway. Houston, TX to Apalachicola, FL

Alabama River, Arkansas Rivers and McClellan Kerr Waterway, Black Warrior River, Mobile River, Tombigbee River, Tennessee River, Calcasieu River, Mississippi River & tributaries, Red River, Quchitau River, White River, Big Black River, Yazoo River, Tallahatchie River

inland dredging map of service