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By the time this newsletter is printed, the Integrity will have completed the 2017 version of the dredge rental for the Vicksburg District. After battling several high water events, Willie Ford, Amanda Driscoll and the crew settled in to a routine of dredge-move-dredge-move-dredge, etc.

Captain Joe, Chief Mike and Ethan have relocated the Ingenuity and its attendant plant to the Sabine-Neches Waterway in Port Arthur, TX and will be working with the Army Corps of Engineers, Galveston district for the next 6 months. Barry Locke helped with the mobilization by building 6,500’ of new, steel submerged pipeline on site.

Inland Dredging Company has been awarded the first Corps of Engineers contract that requires an automated pipeline dredge monitoring system which transmits real time work events and non-effective events recorded on board the dredge to the National DQM Support Center for processing and analysis. Inland has taken the lead, nationally, in developing the soft-ware and installing the sensors on the Kelly L, and soon on the Ingenuity. The Kelly L system has been completed and the Corps of Engineers has issued the first pipeline dredge DQM certification in the nation. The dredging contract that requires the use of this system will commence in March.

The two weeks of repairs scheduled for the Kelly L after the completion of the Black Warrior dredging turned Spillbarge in the distance at Bayou Labatre into two months. The dredge is only starting the Bayou Labatre dredging at the time of this writing.

This year we will see the beginning of the integration of the Safety and Equipment departments with regard to inspections, maintenance and repair. Recent safety performance improvements will be continued and supple-mented by an equipment monitoring and maintenance program of similar intensity. Everyone will be involved. Stay tuned.

We had a solid 4th quarter developing future backlog. Inland was low bidder on three projects: the Sabine-Neches Waterway, the Mobile 24” Rental and Norriego Point pro-jects. These projects along with our existing work under contract should provide for a strong 2018. Additional bidding opportunities should develop late second or early 3rd quarter 2018.

Tim Dyer and John DeBruin have been completing our Dredge Quality Management Sys-tem on the Kelly L and booster. Tim and John have been collaborating with the Mobile District DQM team and testing began in December on the Bayou LaBatre project. We ex-pect full certification in early 2018. Inland is one of the first if not the first cutter suction companies to implement the system in the US. Our system is the prototype for all others to follow. The Corps has been very complimentary of our efforts in this area, and we continue our initiative of implementing the latest technology in order to become the least cost producer of dredging services.

Quality Assurance checks were performed on the Kelly L by representatives of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers National DQM Center on January 16, 2018.

The dredge satisfactorily met these specifications and the results of these checks were documented in the National DQM Center Kelly L quality assurance report issued on January 26, 2018.

Click here to view full letter from National Dredging Quality Management Program (DQM).

Kelly L Inland Dredging

By the time that you read this, the dredge “Kelly L” will be very close to having finished up the 2017 maintenance dredging on the Tenn-Tom and Black Warrior Rivers. At the end of October, the dredge and all of its attendant plant will be at David Lake for 10-14 days of repairs prior to moving to the last assignment of the contract at Bayou Labatre, AL.

New hose for Ingenuity

The maintenance dredging of the Mermentau River is coming to a close and the Ingenuity is expected to finish the job approximately a month ahead of schedule. Captain Joe, Chief Mike and Ethan have survived hurricane Harvey and have worked hard to achieve this goal in an injury and incident free manner. Congratulations to the entire crew.