July, 2017 - Written by Michael Crownover, Safety Superintendent

OSHA defines a Safety Culture as “A combination of an organization's safety attitudes, behaviors, beliefs, values, ways of doing things, and other shared characteristics of a particular group of people. ”

What you believe, value and how you do things on the job as an Owner, Vice President, Project Manager, SSHO, Captain, Leverman, Engineer and Deck Hand will show in the culture of the company you work for. Inland Dredging has been in a transformational process for the last two years and because of all our (every employee) hard work, we are seeing the benefits. For the first six months of 2017 we are at ZERO injuries. Yes, we have had a few close calls, but we are on the good path to a safe culture.

I collect data of personnel participating in our safety programs on a weekly basis. We are having more participation in toolbox meetings and there is a rise in employees finding hazards, reporting them and eliminating them before someone gets hurt (Good Catch).