Richard's Corner

December, 2017 - All three dredges were active during the 3 rd quarter. The Integrity performed 38% of the work, the Kelly L performed 36%, and the Ingenuity performed 26% of the work.

The new float hose has been very beneficial for the Ingenuity. The new anchor barge will be a big plus as well. There are future plans for the Kelly L fleet to upgrade their anchor barge too.

Inland was able to book two nice jobs during the 3 rd Quarter. The first is a year-long project in Port Arthur where we were the successful bidder out of 6 bidders. The other is Noriega Point as a sub-contractor to Luhr Brothers in Destin, Florida.

4th Quarter dredging projections will be tempered due to mobilizing the Ingenuity to Texas and the maintenance and repair schedule for the Kelly L. The Integrity will shoulder the dredging load during this time.

4th Quarter will help distance ourselves from hurricane season and Irma and Harvey, however it will also usher in the fog. Remain vigilant and focused on safety and keep those pipelines well lighted. Make it a normal practice to check our pipelines and our lighting. Be extra careful driving in foggy and icy condi tio ns as well.

Keep an eye out for our new hand safety video. Hand injuries are second only to back injuries in our industry. We are working together with Air Gas Safety to help design a prototype glove to help mitigate hand issues.

The 4th Quarter bidding opportunities look very promising, and we are optimistic about our chances to build a decent back-log for 2018.

Keep up the good work and stay focused on keeping a safe work environment for yourselves, and for your fellow crew members.