December, 2017 - Written by Michael Crownover, Safety Superintendent

Well, another quarter has come and gone and we (Inland) are still at ZERO injuries. Great Job! Yes, we have had some very close calls, but so far we are still true to our course of keeping employees safe. We had all three dredges running during this quarter and had many new employees come into the Inland Dredging family. Let's continue to keep our focus on the goal of hazard recognition and elimination. This job task is a requirement of ALL leadership and employees. If you see a hazard, STOP and eliminate the hazard. If you create the hazard, STOP and eliminate the hazard. I have heard many say, "We don't have enough time or people to eliminate hazards". You do have enough employees to train everyone how to not create a hazard (No elimination needed).

I was covering as SSHO on the Kelly L during this quarter and a job task came up that was out of the normal. I walked down to find a JHA filled out with the tools that were going to be used placed beside the JHA. Great Job!! The JHA is a tool to help you recognize the hazards of the job task and to identify the correct tools that you will need to do the job safely and efficiently