We had a solid 4th quarter developing future backlog. Inland was low bidder on three projects: the Sabine-Neches Waterway, the Mobile 24” Rental and Norriego Point pro-jects. These projects along with our existing work under contract should provide for a strong 2018. Additional bidding opportunities should develop late second or early 3rd quarter 2018.

Tim Dyer and John DeBruin have been completing our Dredge Quality Management Sys-tem on the Kelly L and booster. Tim and John have been collaborating with the Mobile District DQM team and testing began in December on the Bayou LaBatre project. We ex-pect full certification in early 2018. Inland is one of the first if not the first cutter suction companies to implement the system in the US. Our system is the prototype for all others to follow. The Corps has been very complimentary of our efforts in this area, and we continue our initiative of implementing the latest technology in order to become the least cost producer of dredging services.

Inland incurred our first and only recordable incident of 2017 in the 4th quarter. This was very disappointing and certainly avoidable. Miraculously there were no permanent injuries or loss of life. There is no up-side in running boats at high rates of speed with no visibility and in the fog. There should not be anything to be in hurry about ex-cept to save a life.

The Hand Safety video is now out and in use. Our new prototype work gloves are being well received by our crews and are directly positively correlated to the reduction in hand injuries. The Safety Department’s 2018 Strategic Plan will be implemented in early 2018.

David Lake and the Equipment Department continue their work on keeping the fleet up and running. Please do your part by committing yourself to the care and custody of the plant you are operating on a daily basis. The maintenance and care of the fleet are critical for providing for your loved ones. The two new anchor barges and a spill barge should be completed in early 2018.

Several new hires in the 4th quarter include Amanda Driskell, Samantha Whitehead, Devin Winchel, Nate Woods, Dave Cizek and Greg Barnes. We have also had several new and past hourly employees rejoin/join the company. Welcome to the Inland family!

Stay focused and have a safe 2018!