Richard's Corner

We were blessed with a good book of work for the first three months of 2018. All three dredge fleets will be fully utilized during the second quarter as well. The remainder of 2018 shows promise with existing backlog and several market opportunities. If we keep up the energy and focus, 2018 has the potential to be a good year.

We would like to take this time to recognize some of the stressors that go along with having a fully utilized fleet and give a shout out to those who work so hard behind the scenes to make it all work for us. Vance Cassagne, Macy Best, Jenny Fox, Coleen Jamison, Rob Wheeler and the mechanical group, Nate Woods and the safety group, Jeff Freeman and the administrative group. Vance, Macy and Jenny have a lot on their plate insuring you have crew to run your fleets. Rob and group has the most fun of us all supporting the entire fleet’s mechanical needs. Nate and friends mentor, coach and maintain a huge safety program. Jeff and Jenny are submittal and payroll warriors. Coleen keeps your expenses flowing so you have a fluid lifestyle on the road. Please remember to thank these employees the next opportunity you have.

We really moved the ball forward in a big way this quarter. Special thanks to Tim Dyer and John DeBruin on their outstanding work on our DQM program. The Army Corps of Engineers has been very complimentary on Inland and your efforts in this area. We are the first cutter suction dredge in America to be DQM certified.


We have several young up and comers that will be mentioned next issue. Keep up the good work and know that your work ethic and product is noticed in the corporate office.

Stay alert and safe and keep your co-workers’ safety in sight too. Thank you all for making us what we are today. We couldn’t do it without you.