Inland has taken another step in its New Hire Orientation. We believe a stellar orientation leads to increased retention, engagement and productivity. And, employees integrate into their teams quicker. We are proud to say in additional to what has been in place. We have added Fall Protection Training with hands on with Fall Gear, The introduction to Job Hazard Analysis (JHA’s) and PPE requirements, Usage, and Limitations of PPE.

In Addition, All New personnel arriving on job sites are now required to complete an IDC New Hire Orientation Checklist. This checklist is specific to the area our New Hire will be working. Floating Plant & Yard Facility, Engine Room and Fill Operations. Our SSHO’s have the responsible for making sure that the Checklist is completed and returned to the office at our David Lake Yard. Employees working in the Engine Room are required to complete both a Floating Plant & Yard Facility Checklist and the On-The-Job Training for New Hire Engine Room.

Guys that are on deck only need to complete Floating Plant & Yard Facility Checklist. However, if the guys on the deck will also be working on the Fill, they will also need to complete a Fill Operations Checklist as well.

Any salaried employee should be able to assist a new hire in completing the checklist. Not just the SSHO.