The Kelly L spent most of this quarter completing the 2017 contract for the Mobile District at Bayou Labatre, AL. Channel depth was restored across Mississippi Sound from the GIWW to the town of Bayou Labatre, just southwest of Mobile. PM David Johnston and crew completed the work as Tim Dyer and John Debruin completed the installation of the new Dredging Quality Management system required on the 2018 contract.

The computerized system monitors and stores production data from 7 sensors on board the dredge. The collected data is sent to a central Corps of Engineers location every 24 hours. The system was designed by Inland engineers, and has been certified by the Corps as meeting their required, high standards. Inland Dredging is the first pipeline dredging company to establish the certified system, which is soon to be a national requirement of all contractor furnished pipeline dredges.

At the completion of the Bayou Labatre work, all equipment was packed up and taken east toward Apalachicola, FL where the new, 2018 Mobile District contract would commence. The quarter ended as the dredge was performing a brief contract in Destin FL, on the way to Apalachicola. Stay tuned for that report in the next newsletter.