Dave Cizek, Captain Joe, Chief Mike and Ethan Clark have spent the first half of this quarter dodging ships and tows in one of the most active traffic areas along the Gulf Coast, the intersection of the GIWW and the Sabine-Neches Waterway in Port Arthur, TX. Port Arthur pilots report that the area sees an average of 18 ships per day mixed in with nearly twice that many tows.

Following the intersection dredging for the Galveston District Corps of Engineers, the dredge and crew moved to the location of a future ship dock for owner GT Logistics. The “Ingenuity” removed the soft material from the upper portion of the area and then moved back to the Corps contract while waiting for a new, hard material cutter to be fabricated.

Maintenance dredging along 4,000’ of the Port of Port Arthur owned ship docks was the portion of the Corps contract that was accomplished during the final portion of the quarter.