Example of thermal imaging we use.

It has been a privilege to see many improvements to the safety and productivity in our electrical department over the two years that I have been employed at Inland. Working with Rob Wheeler and the crew members has enabled us to address some much needed upgrades and preventive maintenance issues. One of our upgrades has been to install new LED navigation lights on our vessels. This improvement is cost effective and keeps our crew from having to go to dangerous heights to change bulbs.

We have been upgrading our engine alarms to protect the engines and give us time to identify and correct issues. We have also begun thermal imaging of essential components to give us a “heads up” when we are seeing unwanted high temps that may signal a need to repair or replace those parts. We have also been doing routine testing (Megging) of motors to help determine any internal breakdown so we can prevent unnecessary downtime. Being on a team who has the desire to keep us moving forward by pursuing safety and productivity on all levels - from upper management to the personnel on-site - has made my job a pleasure….John