April through June was an exceptionally busy quarter for all three dredges. The fleet engaged in constructing projects in Florida, Texas and Louisiana. The Ingenuity was active on the Sabine-Neches Waterway; the Integrity on the Red River and the Kelly L on Norriego Point and Apalachicola Bay.

The Ingenuity completed a difficult new work deepening project for GT Logistics in Port Arthur. The dredged material consisted mostly of hard clay and excessive amounts of debris. The project was completed in April and a valuable piece of real estate was created on the west side of the waterway. Upon completion of GT Logistics the dredge moved back onto the Corps of Engineers project performing maintenance dredging of the Sabine-Neches Waterway. The crew and supervision has held tough despite adverse weather conditions, lots of pump chokes and some mechanical issues. Thank you guys. We appreciate your stamina and perseverance.

The Kelly L finished a really cool project at Norriego Point in Destin, Florida. This was a restoration and recreation project of an iconic point on the south side of the Marler Bridge. Many people in this part of the country vacation in Destin, and they will be able to see the restored point flying the Inland flag. It should remain in place for a long time to come and the crew and supervision can take pride every time they cross the bridge and know that they built “the point”, and are able to actually see the finished product. Great job!

The Integrity and crew and supervision were quietly but effectively going about business on the Red River. This job completed in June and received a fantastic evaluation from the Vicksburg District. Congratulations to all!

The outlook for the 3rd and 4th quarters and beyond looks very busy for all three fleets. Jim Mohead and Rob Wheeler continue to improve and expand the fleet. We expect to bring an idler barge and spill barge on line during the 3rd quarter, and have plans for hull modifications in December.

We are committed to our safety program and appreciate the thankless efforts of Nate Woods and all the SSHO’s (always the most popular people on our projects).

In 2018 we are committed to focusing on the care and custody of our fleet. We are treading water in this area and need to do a better job onsite with preventative maintenance and institutionalizing standard operating procedures.

All in all a good quarter. Thank you everyone and stay focused on safety first and foremost. The production and profitability will follow.