WOW! What a busy year 2018 has been so far. During 2017 we did OSHA 10 training but in 2018 we will begin to do focused training. Areas that we will focus on will include Equipment Operator training and evaluations, New hire Deck Hand training which will include rope throwing, tying, vessel transferring and making a ball and bell connection correctly and safely. We will continue to focus on hazard recognition and elimination and encourage more employee and management participation in the safety incentive program. There is a lot of great training on the way, let’s all stay focused to the task at hand and work safely.

On 24 May the USACE conducted an equipment inspection for the Sabine-Neches Waterway project at Port Author. The onsite Safety Inspector was Rod Staunton accompanied by Steve Sherrill, Administrative Contracting Officer. We started the inspection around 1000 A.M. with an abbreviated walk-around on the Ingenuity; on to the Crane Barge finishing up with the Booster.

Rob noted some deficiencies but wanted everyone to know that the equipment was in great shape and they were enthused with how well the project was operating. He stated that on our previous run with this project we didn’t fare will. He reiterated several times that we have done an exceptional job, the equipment looks exceptional… Good Job Integrity and its team.

Let's all remember Justin Slater in our prayers as he was deployed to Kuwait at the end of June. We are all hoping for his quick, safe return to be with his new baby boy, Sterling, born 7lbs, 14oz on July 6, 2018.

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