The Kelly L spent the first half of the second quarter pumping in a large dune for the protection of Destin Harbor. The prime contractor was Luhr Brothers, Inc, who outlined the area with rock prior to the dredge infilling. The subcontract for the dredging was awarded to IDC in September of 2017, but, as Murphy would have it, the rock contain-ment was not complete until this spring, putting the dredging sched-ule during spring break. The first order of dredging was the congested Harbor Channel (Image 1).

The Harbor Channel material was placed along the east side of the future dune alignment in order to cut off cross currents and provide Barry Locke and the yel-low equipment crew a base from which to construct levees to contain the dune material (Image 2).

After the Harbor channel depth was restored, the dredged moved north of the bridge to remove shoaling from that channel and complete the 20 foot dune and the surrounding beach area (Image 3).

kelly L 2 august 2018
Image 2
kelly L 3 august 2018
Image 3