After the move from Texas, the Ingenuity began dredging on 30 September on the Bayou Labatre Channel for the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. Bayou Labatre is a small fishing town that caters to shrimpers and small shipyards. No ships passing and no deep channel crossings of this 12’ channel. Dredging began two miles south of the mouth of the harbor. The material was placed in a shallow, area of the bay with a spillbarge. The dredge made good advance each day, keeping Captain Joe, Chief Mike, and Tim jumping. Surveyors Devin Winchel, Justin Babb, and Mike Scott kept the dredge and spillbarge at peak quality.

Meanwhile, Hurricane Michael showed up and was chewing up the Florida panhandle, making landfall on October 10.

The Ingenuity moved into the protected waters of the Labatre harbor, avoiding 4 days of turbulent sea conditions, then returned to work, completing the channel to the harbor in late October. Thirty days later, after the replacement of a broken pump shaft, the Corps decided to interupt the completion of the work at Bayou Labatre in favor of hurricane related shoal removal in the Apalachicola Bay. By mid December, the Ingenuity was at work in the Bay.