Immediately prior to the Christmas break, the Integrity completed the 2018 Memphis Rental, which called for maintenance dredging of 10 Harbors along the Mississippi River from Memphis, TN to Hickman, KY. Before starting the contract, the dredge was placed on dry dock to remove the small idler barge and have the idler from the Ingenuity installed in order to make a 300’ swing when dredging in the Memphis Harbor.

Dredging commenced on July 25th at McKellar Lake in Memphis, TN for 12 days before the equipment was packed back up for a 200-mile tow to Hickman, Ky. The remaining harbor dredging occurred in a “north to south” direction, until the completion of dredging in Memphis.

As can be seen in the adjacent picture, Captain Willie Ford has the dredge in tip-top shape. Chief Engineer Dwain Mayberry and SSHO Kenneth Waddell contribute to the outstanding performance of this dredge. Adam Guidry kept the dredge on course and served as project manager, helping with the planning and taking care of all surveying. The Company commends the crew for staying safe and producing a very good product. The dredge is parked in Memphis, awaiting the next assignment.