The first quarter of 2019 roared in to find two of the three IDC dredges under contract for the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. The Ingenuity returned to work in Apalachicola, FL after the Christmas break under the guidance of Captain Gadsen Segree (Popeye) and his favorite Project Manager, Tim Dyer. Popeye and Chief Aaron Schwendeman had moved over to the Ingenuity from the Kelly L at the end of last year. Both are from the panhandle area and happy to be near their homes. SSHOs Dannie Stanley, Dwight Smalls and James Lilly kept all things safe. Thanks to all for a great job going into the area after Hurricane Michael had devastated so much. The Corps of Engineers and Inland recognized and partnered to insure that the dredge crews had access to affordable housing in the midst of this natural disaster.

After completing work in Apalachicola, the crew moved the Ingenuity to clear a short section of the GIWW, just to the northwest of Panama City, FL. The reach was the recipient of Hurricane Michael shoaling and was critical to the barge travel delivering jet fuel to the base in Panama City.

The Kelly L was the second IDC dredge with occupancy during the first quarter as Captain Tony Perry and crew worked to restore the depths of the Biloxi channel. The dredge sailed from David Lake immediately upon the crew’s return from the Christmas break. Jerel Young and Albert Schwendeman met the dredge and assisted Captain Tony with the pipeline installation onto Deer Island. (See the Kelly L article for more details). Project QC/Surveying was handled by Mike Scott and Devin Winchel. Elise, David and Kenneth helped the crew stay safe. SSHO Jordan Kelly helped with the survey duties during his time at the dredge. The work was completed at the end of the quarter. Great job and thanks to all.

The Integrity is in “equipment maintenance” mode this quarter as the first year of the Memphis Rental finished up just prior to Christmas. Captain Willie Ford and Chief Dwain Mayberry are polishing the fleet as they await the fall of the River so they can resume work on the second year of the Company’s Memphis Rental.

New for 2019 will be the re-configuration of the Integrity’s idler barge with the insertion of a “spacer” barge between the dredge and idler, increasing the overall length by about 80’. Rob has been working on the spacer in his spare time and now has it ready to install early in the next quarter. This will allow the dredge to swing 400’. Also during the quarter, Rob and John D have completely overhauled the tender Rebel, and provided the Ingenuity with a new spillbarge. John continues his development of the computer driven equipment maintenance program with the chiefs.

Captains, Chiefs, Surveyors and SSHOs were gathered in Biloxi on Feb 12 for continuing education relating to the management of disgruntled employees and conflict resolution in the workplace. Our efforts in cross communication and transparency with all workers, more focus on our onboarding process and process engineering in general is a reflection of our commitment to servicing our employees and providing the tools they need to be successful.

We continue to have good backlog and several bidding opportunities for the second quarter. Keep up the good work and remember to stay focused on safety first.

Thank you for your service and commitment to excellence.