At Inland dredging our desire is to ensure that our employees return home safely to their families, It’s the Company’s desire that employees are never hurt while performing any task. To ensure this, we continue strive to improve our safety processes and training programs.

Toward this end, we have initiated the Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) Audit. Any of the Company SSHO’s and/ or Management Team can perform an audit on any task at any time. The JHA Audit is a review of a how well the Task Supervisor performed their JHA. During the JHA the Task Supervisor should discuss all of the hazards associated with the upcoming task, as well as how to mitigate the hazards. Audit items are a review of each of the 6 T’s; Today, Task, Tools, Tidy Up, Time out and Transition. Additionally, a review of the anticipated weather conditions during performance of the task. The audit is a review of the discussion between the crew and the task supervisor.

We are pleased to say that the JHA audits have been well received by both the crew and project management alike. The crew likes the JHA audit because they are debriefed on how well they JHA was performed, pointing out strengths, weaknesses and missing steps. And they see this as a big step in getting better at generating their JHA’s. Inland sees this as another step in its program of ensuring that all crews are safe during all tasks.

At Inland “Being safe today, tomorrow is our reward”.