Safety at Inland Dredging CoAs part of our corporate responsibility, Inland Dredging is committed to creating an injury free work environment. We know that our employees are our most valuable assets, and their safety and health will always be our first priority.

We are proud of the work we do and the way we do it. Safety and success go hand in hand. Safety is essential to all of our business functions and is never compromised under any circumstance. We are committed to providing the necessary resources, support and training towards ensuring that each employee returns home safely at the end of the day.

We are committed to creating a safe work environment by setting a high personal standard of safety performance for ourselves and thus setting an example for our co-workers.

The Job Hazard Analysis process is an important tool that is utilized for every task. We use it to identify the potential hazards associated with a task and plan out the remediation steps to prevent an injury. This culture that we call “Injury Free Work Environment” is focused on the personal side of safety or in other words, things that you can do to make it a safer worksite for us all. We observe these core safety values every day such as:

  • Caring about one another’s safety
  • Taking responsibility for our actions and decisions
  • Committing to create a safe work environment
  • Having the attitude that no injury is acceptable

All of these ideas are expressed and embraced throughout the company in the Stop Work authority that we give to every employee.

Thank you and welcome to Inland Dredging.